We are Future54, an independent Project and Cost Management consultancy based in Waterloo, London.

Our Values

At Future54 our core values are pivotal to both our beliefs and practices. The values, which we highlight below are central to the way we work across all our projects, no matter of the size or complexity. It is our adherence to these values that we believe, sets us apart from our competitors.


The strongest of the species is indeed the most adaptable. Part of our strategic success is our ability to adapt in accordance with our Clients’ needs and market conditions. This flexible approach ensures that our specialist knowledge and strategic thinking is successfully used to make us the leaders in our field.


At Future54 we have selected the best team members to ensure all projects are delivered to a superior standard. Our team always aims to achieve a cohesive and fruitful relationship with whomever they work. We are a friendly and collaborative team with a ‘can-do’ attitude.


Our confidence stems from our many years experience providing successful projects for our Clients’. We are confident in our ability to deliver a superior standard of work whatever challenge we face.


It is the determination of our team to deliver excellent results from start to end that sets us apart as a business. Each project is approached with rigour and attention to detail until the best solutions and conclusions can be reached.


We are passionate about what we do. Property is our business and we bring fiery determination to every project no matter how small.


Future54 has a strong ethos of professionalism and trust is central to our relationship with our Clients’. We can be relied upon to deliver work of the highest calibre with every aspect of a project.

Recent Projects

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